Sashimi & Sushi: The Art of Japanese Food Made Simple by Yasuko Fukuoka

Sashimi & Sushi: The Art of Japanese Food Made Simple by Yasuko Fukuoka


This stylish guide to making authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi contains inspirational recipes that show in clear step-by-step format how to make well-known sushi and sashimi dishes, plus some regional recipes. Basic recipes and techniques are provided, as well as information on unusual ingredients and special equipment. Recipes include familiar sushi dishes, such as nori-rolled sushi and su-meshi in tofu bags. There are also other lesser-known yet equally delicious recipes, for example red rice wrapped in oak leaves, and jewel box sushi. The sashimi recipes include marinated salmon with avocado, tangy scallops in mustard sauce and refreshing seared swordfish with citrus dressing. Packed with 75 photographs, this book is an irresistible guide to preparing tasty sushi and sashimi.

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Yasuko Fukuoka was born in Tokyo, and established herself there as a successful musician and composer. Since moving to England, she has continued to work as a musician, while also expanding her field of work to include journalism and multimedia creation. Numerous nationwide concert tours in Japan provided Yasuko with the opportunity to gain much knowledge about regional Japanese food and her love of writing and of food is combined here.

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